Please fill our your air-make up specifications below and we can help design and bid a solution to provide a soft low-velocity airflow into your space!

Soft Flow Ducting

All of the fabric ducts are custom made. Our manufacturer fabricates fabric diffuser systems for heating, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, and makeup air. Our fabric diffusers, along with being tailor made for your application, are cost effective, good for the environment, and aesthetically pleasing. All of our products are 100% manufactured in the USA.
Diffusion systems or Soft Flow Ductwork helps to reduce the velocity of air coming into your space from your Air Make-Up or Make-Up Air (AMU/MAU) unit. We are able to set the direction of airflow and the velocity coming out of each diffusion hole. Using your CFM and required velocity, we will determine the diameter and length of the ductwork. If you are purchasing a new AMU/MAU, make sure to have your supplier add additional static pressure to the discharge to ensure a proper working system.
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Air Make-Up Questions:

What is the CFM of your AMU/MAU?

What is the Length of your space to run the ductwork?

Do you have a preference on airflow direction?

Is there more than one duct?

How and where do you plan to support the ductwork?

Do you have a material or color preference?

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