Let us help you get your fluid pressure under control!


Fluid Pressure Regulators are used to help eliminate “wink” from pressure pots and piston or diaphragm pump systems.  Their other purpose is to provide consistent spray pressures for your guns.  The standard rule is to set your supply 20-30% higher than your spray pressures that you will set on the regulator.  When using a recirculation system, adding a Back Pressure Regulator helps to maintain the pressures in the lines to reduce surging as your guns turn on/off.

The ARO line of fluid regulators provides a combination of high-flow performance, easy maintenance, and precise adjustment.  ARO fluid regulators are recognized to be the premier regulators in the industry.  Their reliable performance and innovative design features make them the preferred choice! 


Larger Adjustment Spring

A larger diameter counter-spring is used to ensure a consistent pressure output and wide pressure range capabilities.

Smooth-Turn Needle Bearing

A needle bearing has been incorporated to permit a smoother, easier adjustment - rather than relying on just spring adjustment, and can even be done while the regulator is on-line and operating.

Floating Seat and Ball Arrangement

ARO seat design conforms perfectly to the ball and stays conformed, even during significant fluctuations from in line pressure.

Tamper-Resistant Spring Adjust

Downstream regulator models have a recessed hex-head fitting, which helps avoid any accidental or unauthorized adjustment changes.

ARO Dual Diaphragms

ARO fluid regulators utilize a diaphragm-to-ball check design. This dual diaphragm arrangement stands up to abrasive materials, prevents "caking" and allows for easier flushing.

Seat Plug

Removable seat plug allows for quick access to the ball and seat of the fluid regulator for immediate seat access. This reduces downtime for cleaning.


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