Sprayfish, Inc.


Sprayfish, Inc. specializes in distributing top-of-the-line supplies to businesses throughout Washington State. We distribute and represent industry leading product lines that offer the most value and the best finishing solutions. We provide booths, ovens, systems, liquid and powder equipment, filters, and accessories.

Education – At Sprayfish, Inc., we focus on educating ourselves, which enables us to create better tools to help our customers.

Integrity – At Sprayfish, Inc., we always strive to be ethical and honest.

Passion – At Sprayfish, Inc., we love what we do and we are excited to help each customer find the most optimal solution for their needs.

We offer only top-quality finishing systems, products, and services in the Washington State market. Through Sprayfish, Inc., we provide our customers with the highest quality products, service, and support on the West Coast.


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Sprayfish is proud to offer a wide variety of products and services through its many partnerships.


“Great Company! Thank you for all the support and everything you do for us.
You have proven that you are part of our team and not just a supplier”
Scott Cottage
Manufacturing Manager, Vaupell Northwest
“Sprayfish is more of a partnership rather than just a vendor to our company. Kevin’s knowledge of equipment exceeds all expectations and he has definitely been a huge part of our companies success with our technical coatings.”
Scott Frazier
Finishing Manager, Lloyd Pan


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